Falsies 101: Wear & Care

Hello loves! So I’m not an expert at applying false lashes in the slightest, however I’m not bad at it either. It took some time but I’ve finally got it down for the most part. Wearing false lashes doesn’t just include putting them on, you also need to take good care of them in order for your lashes to be reused again & again and STILL look flawless. Let me enlighten you on the wear & care of falsies.

If you’re a beginner with lashes, BEWARE; once you start, you can’t stop. Trust me, that’s how my obsession started. Lashes add the perfect amount of drama & lift to different eye looks that your regular lashes more than likely do not do. Most people think that good false lashes are all expensive, but that is simply not true. Ardell, e.l.f, Eyelure, & Kiss Products carry some pretty incredible false lashes that can be found at almost every drugstore.

👁 Wear:

Strip lashes from brands such as Ardell & House of Lashes come in many different styles & are made from a variety of materials. For example, Velour Lashes are one of the highest quality lashes on the market & are made of 100% mink. Other brands may use synthetic materials such as plastic, silk or human hair. Many brands also have a faux mink option for all the animal lovers out there who still want beautiful & high quality lashes.

There are two other types of lashes; individual and demi lashes. Individual lashes can come as individual hairs OR clusters of three to four lashes. These are meant to add more volume to your regular lashes, to fill in gaps, OR you can also get creative with individual lashes by adding them to the lower lashline or something of that nature.
Demi lashes are partial strip lashes that are normally used to extend the outer corners & open up the eyes without having to wear an entire set of strip lashes. I highly recommend demi lashes for beginners as they aren’t as intimidating as a full set AND are much easier to practice applying.

👄Finding The Perfect Pair Of Lashes For Your Eye Shape:

Before looking for a good pair of lashes, examine your eyes. Look at the shape, size, and depth of your eyes. Be sure to look at your natural lashes as well; How long are they? Are they thick or thin? Once you’ve got your eyes down, here’s how to find the perfect pair of lashes.

👁Almond Eyes – Almond eyes are best paired with fuller lashes which will help increase the depth and intensity of the eyes.

👁Round Eyes – Round eyes pair best with lashes that help maximize the width of your eyes.

👁Hooded Eyes – Hooded eyes are naturally sultry and will best pair with lashes that amplify that quality.

👁Monolid Eyes – Monolid eyes are best paired with lashes that help define and create depth.

👁Deep Set Eyes – Deep set eyes pair best with fuller and longer lashes that help bring your eyes forward and create the perfect amount of depth.

👁Upturned Eyes – Upturned eyes pair perfectly with ‘winged’ lashes that emphasizes the beautiful, natural lift of these eyes.

👁Down Turned Eyes – Down turned lashes are best paired with ‘winged’ styles as they will provide a beautiful lifting effect to the outer corners.

👁Prominent Eyes – Prominent eyes are best paired with more subtle and natural lashes as they will help recede and reduce the definition off your eyes.

👁How To Properly Apply Lases:

1. Curl your natural lashes & apply a coat of mascara. This will create a sort of ‘shelf’ to hold the weight of the false lashes.
2. Cut your lashes to fit your eyes if you have not already.
3. Add a small strip of adhesive to the lash base, allowing the glue to become ‘tacky’ or slightly dry.
4. Taking tweezers or your fingers, pick up a lash by the center and place in the middle of your natural lashes as close to the lashline as possible. Once placed, take each end at a time(without picking them up) and adjust them to sit comfortably on your inner and outer corners.
5. Allow the adhesive to dry completely & push your lashes up with your fingers for added lift.
If they are not close enough to the lashline, squeeze as close to the lashline as possible with your fingers, trying not to touch the adhesive. Pinch the lashes downward until the are slightly closer to the lashline. Apply black eyeliner to hide the band if needed.

👁 Care:

What You’ll Need:
👄 Micellar water – can be found at any drugstore
Or Isopropyl Alcohol
👄 A small bowl
👄 A washcloth
👄 Three cotton pads
👄 A cotton swab
👄 Tweezers
👄 Your dirty false lashes

Micellar Water:

Grab your tweezers and remove any excess glue that has been leftover on the strip of the lashes.
Take two cotton pads and wet them with micellar water.
Place one lash at a time in-between the two wet cotton pads for 30 seconds to a minute each.
Remove the lash from the two wet cotton pads, placing the lash on the third dry cotton pad.
Take your cotton swab and wet with micellar water. Hold the base of the lashes and wipe in a downwards motion from base to tip.
Let fully dry, put away, and BOOM. Ready to reuse.

Isopropyl Alcohol:

Grab your tweezers and remove any excess glue that has been leftover on the strip of the lashes.
Fill your small bowl with isopropyl alcohol just enough so the lashes will be fully submerged.
Soak the lashes for several hours until the alcohol has evaporated.
Take a cotton swab and a bit more isopropyl alcohol to your lashes, wiping in a downwards motion from base to tip.
Allow to dry on a small towel.
BOOM. Ready to reuse!

Do YOU wear false lashes? Where is your favorite place to buy them? Let me know below!

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