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Photographer: Jose Landers, Model: Laurie Hang, Hair and Makeup: Susie Lauri


Long beautiful hair is versatile, fun and sexy. Long hair seems to always be in style; flowing effortlessly into buns, ponytails, braids, updos and half-up hairstyles. Women who can’t grow their hair long can invest in extensions. Hair extensions are a multi-billion dollar industry.

Shampooing and Conditioning Long Hair

It’s important to use a clarifying shampoo at least once a month on your long hair. Minerals in water can build up, as well as pollutants. On a windy day, if you’re using some type of oil in your hair, the dust will adhere to the oil; making it look dirty.

Also, pollutants in the environment—smog, cigarette smoke, bonfires at the beach—will settle in your hair and create a residue.

I’ve seen some clients and models whose hair feels gummy and looks wet and dull at the same time because their hair is so coated with build up. A regular shampoo can not remove it. And, cheap shampoos and products have a lot of wax in them, which can also be difficult to get out.


Photographer: Jose Landers, Model: Laurie Hang, Hair and Makeup: Susie Lauri

Also, if long hair is not properly washed the oils from the scalp do not get released. The hair will not curl as well and it is difficult to style.

The first shampoo releases oils and may not lather well as the second shampoo.

I love using Kevin Murphy’s Maxi Wash Detoxing shampoo once a month or when needed. The second shampoo will suds up and have a lot of lather.  Next, it’s time to condition. Never pour the conditioner on top of your head or place on your scalp with your hands. This will make it flat! Most people have healthy hair at the base of their scalp and do not need conditioner there.

The best way to apply conditioner and a mask to your hair is to pour a little inside your hands, rub together and then apply at the mid shaft out—massaging conditioner into the hair that needs the nourishment. If using a mask let it set for 5 minutes.

Over the years, I’ve noticed many shampoo assistants in salons over condition, making more work for the stylists because the hair becomes weighted down and takes longer to blow dry.

Styling Long Hair

When styling long hair, it’s important to use a styling lotion, spray or mouse to give it fullness. And then use a heat protectant. A thermal protectant acts as a shield to protect the hair from burning.

Also, it’s not necessary to put the iron on the hottest setting. You will definitely know it’s too hot when you see smoke and notice a terrible scent. I think most of us have seen the YouTube tutorial that went viral… The young blonde-haired girl burned her hair off on accident during her hair-styling demonstration!

I advise all my clients to purchase heat tools that have a heat setting. I usually curl hair at 360 degrees. If you have thin hair, keep it on the lower setting. For thick hair I bump up the heat a bit. Long hair is beautiful when it’s healthy and shiny, not like a dried out tumbleweed in the desert.

When I curl long hair, I spray each strand with a light mist of Hairspray before I curl it. Then I use a pronged pin to attach the hair and let it cool. If you curl long hair without pinning it to cool, the weight of the hair will release a lot of the curl out and it will not last. Talk about a disappearing act; Lol.

Long Hair Half Up or Updo

First the hair needs to be prepped, so it isn’t silky and slippery. Do not put any oils on it. I like using a heat protectant and a styling lotion when the hair is wet and to work it thoroughly into the hair. Then, blow dry it in the opposite direction the hair grows in order to create volume.

Next, I use Infinium 4 Hairspray and spray inside the hair to create more texture. This will make your hair easier to work with, and won’t slip out of place.

You’ll also notice hair that has not been washed the day of an updo, goes into place very easily. And, braiding hair on the 2nd day of not washing it is much easier to work with.

Long hair on men and women is seen on runways, fashion editorials, street culture, fitness magazines, Coachella, from coast to coast, and all over the world. For women long hair is adorned with ribbons, flowers, and sparkling accessories. Heat tools are used to curl, create beach waves, straightening or softly unkept for a lived- in look.

Take care of your fabulous long hair and have fun!


Embrace Life,

Susie Lauri
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Susie L.

Author: Susie L.

Susie Lauri is the lead hair and makeup artist, and a contributing writer for Runwayz Magazine. She specializes in hair and makeup for commercial print and production. She is known for her glamour makeovers including balayage, color, haircuts and styling. When not on location, Susie works out of her studio in Aliso Viejo, California. Find more about her at :, @susie_lauri_hair on Instagram!