Experiencing Spirituality Through Design

I love to pretend I’m a hippie and in touch with my spiritual side. I try hard, complete with candles, tarot cards and my herb book. Throw some yoga in there (let’s not forget sound meditation) and there you have it. That said, I love when I find a brand that aligns with my practice so of course I was drawn to Arcana NY.

The brand made its debut in 2015 with all things spiritual in mind. Everything is natural and blessed with originality, their process in line with ancient tradition. Designer Arianna Reagan made sure that her FW17 collection was eco-friendly and emblazoned with tradition. The collection uses the traditional endek weaving practice of Bali making each piece as unique as the ancient Japanese kimonos used for her bombers. No two pieces are the same, made to be passed down from generation to generation. Arcana touches on the time honored antiquity of fashion.

I would highly suggest giving your clothes a try in terms of embracing your spiritual realm through your wardrobe. Maybe it’s Arcana NY or maybe it’s your forgotten kimono locked away in your closet.

Christina Koop

Author: Christina Koop

Christina is a fun loving, trend oriented millennial with an eye for trend spotting and digital marketing. In her spare time, she is usually found with friends, reading the next marketing tech book, or simply with her husband relaxing and enjoying all that life has to offer her in NC.