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Photographer: Dave Fitz, Model: Tatiana Fotescu Designer: Poolside Collection, Shoot Production/ Hair and Makeup: Susie Lauri

“From women’s eyes this doctrine I derive: they sparkle still the right Pomethean fire; They are the books, the arts, the academies, that show, contain and nourish all the world.” —William Shakespeare

Recently, I had an opportunity to do hair and makeup on a beautiful model at a photoshoot for Poolside Collection Luxury Swim. Tatiana has a very unique look—energetically and mysteriously alive. I wanted her makeup to reflect what I saw in her. She is wise, loving and beautiful. Her positive energy is contagious.


Photographer: Dave Fitz, Model: Tatiana Fotescu, Designer: Poolside Collection. Shoot Production/ Hair and Makeup: Susie Lauri

Starting with a light Shell eyeshadow on upper eyelid, I then used a warm medium Chia above the eyelid, a dark Mink in the crease, and finished with black on the outer corner of her eyelid to make her hazel eyes really stand out.

I love using Lorac eye shadows as they each have a shimmer effect and blend easily together.

As I apply eye shadows, I’m constantly using my blending brush for a smooth transition into the other colors. I then went over her eyes with a hint of a Rose color blush on my makeup brush for a seamless blend.

Her skin is flawless, so I didn’t have to do any prior prepping corrections. I formulated her foundation (Makeup Forever HD) by mixing Inglot #66 and Mac Strobe Cream all together to give Tatiana a beautiful summer look.

Lastly, I applied Monda Studio Professional #747 small, self-adhesive eyelashes, which are100% human hair. These lashes are light weight and easy to apply.

You can learn more about them here. [link:] These extra lashes will open up your eyes and make them appear larger. I then lightly dusted mascara over them so they looked like her own.

A key to applying makeup is to take a few steps back, look at your work and ask yourself these questions and then make adjustments when needed:
Is it matching the other side? (Lol…)
Is there dimension to the eyeshadow (not flat looking)?
What needs enhancing? The outer corner of eye…? the crease line…? how are the eyelashes laying?
How is the highlight on the cheekbone looking? 
”Shine is my favorite color” —Marc Jacobs

Photographer: Dave Fitz, Model: Tatiana Fotescu, Designer: Poolside Collection, Shoot Production/ Hair and Makeup: Susie Lauri

I love keeping a photo journal of eclectic makeup looks for inspiration. Look for models, friends and acquaintances that have the same shape eyes or facial features you have. And then replicate that look on yourself.

As Shoot Producer, I invited Runwayz Magazine to videograph my photoshoot for Poolside Collection Luxury Swim. Click the live link below to view.

*A special thank you to Christina Koop, CEO of Runwayz Magazine and Jack Lungu for videographing this special event.*

Embrace Life,

Susie Lauri

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Susie L.

Author: Susie L.

Susie Lauri is the lead hair and makeup artist, and a contributing writer for Runwayz Magazine. She specializes in hair and makeup for commercial print and production. She is known for her glamour makeovers including balayage, color, haircuts and styling. When not on location, Susie works out of her studio in Aliso Viejo, California. Find more about her at :, @susie_lauri_hair on Instagram!