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Ever wondered what it was like to be a talented illustrator working with various fashion retailers/beauty retailers?

We sure did!

We took some time to host a Q+A with Amber of Designxiety to find out more information on what it truly is like to be a fashion illustrator and this is what she had to tell us!

 RW: What got you into graphic design?

A: To be honest, I fought getting into graphic design for a few years because I couldn’t imagine creating art without pencils, pens, and paintbrushes. In college, I was required to take a graphic design class and absolutely fell in love with the flexibility and freedom of designing on a computer. I still draw my initial sketches on paper and translate them onto the computer to keep more of an organic feel to the illustration but most of my work is finished graphically.

RW: What inspired you to do illustrations?

A: I’ve always been drawn to the idea of telling a story through images. I also always seem to have an untold story in my mind, or a character that I can imagine but can’t seem to create through any other means of art. Being able to create a character and give it life from absolutely nothing is one of the best feelings in the world, and watching someone react to that character is why I love what I do.

Work by Designxiety

Work by Designxiety

RW: What age did you start sketching?

A: I probably started sketching when I was 6 or 7. I do remember sitting down with a piece of construction paper and some crayons and very loosely drawing a somewhat abstract purple bear with antlers and a tutu that was obviously way to small for her large belly.

Work by Designxiety

Work by Designxiety

RW: What are two of your favorite most recent projects you have worked on?

A: I just worked on a project called “Lipstick Theory”, where I’ve taken my favorite shades of lipstick and brought them to life! It was so much fun to imagine what the different shades would look like as people, deciding what they would wear, their facial expressions, and the overall mood. Another project that I recently worked on was called “Arts District Ingredients” where I took dishes from eight of my favorite restaurants in the Arts District of Downtown LA and broke them down into an illustrated guide of ingredients. I was amazed at how much work actually goes into making a meal and have so much more appreciation now for what I’m eating.

RW: What are your favorite places to look for inspiration?

A: I’ve never been a fan of the big cities but I’ve somehow found a home in Los Angeles, so I travel quite often. I’ve learned that experiencing foreign cultures and getting out of your element can be extremely inspirational! I was just in Morocco riding a camel across the desert and before that I did a month literally eating my way through Europe.

RW: What advice would you give to up and coming entrepreneurs or up and coming illustrators?

A: I’ve always told other entrepreneurs to stay true to your creative spirit and always love what you do, work a hard as you can, and never doubt your abilities. Oh! And a caffeine dependency is completely normal.

Work By Designxiety

Work By Designxiety

RW: Lastly, a fun fact about you no one knows!

A: Most people don’t know that my best friend is a rescued mini poodle with 3 legs named Kale. He’s also my inspiration for a lot of my work and loves street tacos just as much as I do.

Many thanks to Amber of Designxiety for taking the time to offer key information on the beauty of a career in illustration.

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