How To Upgrade Your Denim This Fall

Denim with Polka Dots

Denim jeans don’t have to be plain and boring, upgrade them with embroidery, prints, and bling this fall season.

The month of fall is upon us, and denim jeans my friends are very trendy this season!

Give your basic jeans a little upgrade. Denim is coming out in so many shapes textures and sizes. With all the variety out there, I’m bound to fall in love with a pair or two denim pants and make them a staple for my wardrobe this fall!

Embellishments are taking over in all forms this season whether it’s on dresses, tops skirts shorts and even jeans! I’m all for prints and so when I found this gorgeous polka dotted jean denim pants, I knew I had to have them.

Plus, who doesn’t love a little bling, shine and sparkle?

Seriously, it’s an instant upgrade to the entire outfit and these embellishments are the accessory to the outfit, might as well skip a statement necklace when wearing these! Better yet, you can denim out your look with a denim accessory such as a necklace, set of earrings, shoes, etc. Different shades of denim will work in unison with your overall outfit.

Pearls are also very trendy, they are chic stylish and oh so very flattering. They have a Parisian and vintage feel which is very fashionable.

Here are some of my favorite denim looks that can easily upgrade your old classic jeans this fall.

They can be dressed up or down, depending on your day to day wear!

Pair them with basic tee’s , moto-jackets or chunky sweaters with boots, booties or even flats!

You will for sure be making a statement with every step you take in them jeans girl.









Which set of denim would you wear? I want to know! List it below in the comments!


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