Beauty Gadgets You Didn’t Know About

(You do now)

Hi dolls! Hope you’re all doing well. This week we’re talking all about weird & interesting beauty gadgets I’ve come across over the past few months-and let me tell you, they’re strange- and genius.

First up are makeup stamps. Yes, you read that right: STAMPS. Sounds amazing right? I mean, who DOESN’T want to save time on doing their makeup?

Eyeliner stamps were the first to catch the eye of many beauty gurus & influencers as they all began to test them out to see if they’re legit. I’ve seen mixed reviews, some saying it worked & could totally be worth it, while others say it takes longer when doing the eyeliner themselves and shouldn’t be wasted money on. Personally, I think that if eyeliner is definitely NOT your strong suit, then go for it. Fixing up the lines will be way worth the little time it takes versus having to redo your liner times every morning.

Similar to the eyeliner stamp, I’ve found the Milk Makeup Tattoo Stamps. These are fun little liner ink stamps to add a little pizazz to your everyday makeup. They come in Smiley, Peace Sign, Yin Yang, Black Star, & Black Heart(like mine). The ink for all of them is black and can be used not only on the face but on the body as well.

Once the eyeliner stamp was dying down, eyebrow stamps entered our lives. Now THIS is something I’m very interested in. Eyebrows are, in my opinion, harder than eyeliner. To this day I still struggle with brows, and if I can pick up a stamp that’ll virtually solve my brow problems, I’m all for it. The brow stamp is the same as the liner stamp where all you need to do it pick up some product on the stamp, line it up with your natural brows, and stamp away. Fix up the edges and fill in any sparse areas: and you’re ready to brow!

Magnetic Lashes are something that very recently popped up on the internet. They sound incredible considering applying lashes is actually the devil. How they work is you place one part of the lashes with the red dot on top of your lashes, and the other part underneath and BOOM they connect together with your real lashes in the middle of them. No adhesive, to tweezers, just the lashes and magnets. I have yet to see any reviews or tests on them but I hope they’re just as good as they sound.

I stumbled upon something I never thought I’d see- an eye massager. Foreo came out with an eye massager that supposedly promotes antiaging, reduce puffiness & make you look more awake. All it seems to be is a small massager and that’s about it. I’m a bit skeptical, but I guess it sounds interesting.

Something called the ‘Liftra Contour Shaper’ caught my eye when scrolling through the Sephora website and it looks, well pretty strange. This is also a massaging product meant for “visibly lifting, sculpting, and defining facial contours by providing physical stimulation.” I’m not sure how much I believe this could work, but I guess it could be promising.

These are all quite interesting, and there are WAY more where these came from.


Have YOU tried out any of these products? Know of any other interesting beauty gadgets? Let me know below!

Grace Michelle

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  • Prasnavani Pasuvalingam

    Amazing!! Had no idea that these gadgets are available.. learnt something tonight!