Balayage Turns Hair Into a Canvas

Balayage Turns Your Hair Into A Canvas


Celebrities lead the trends for fashion, makeup and hairstyles. Jessica Biel, Chrissy Teigon, Olivia Wilde, Jessica Alaba, Rihanna, Sarah Jessica Parker, Gisele Bundchen and Lily Alderidge all have customized, dimensional and sun-kissed Balayage. Their hair looks youthful, natural and moves beautifully. Balayage is one of the most requested services in hair salons. Everyone is talking about Balayage—fashion magazines, social media, on the runway, the red carpet, and of course in the salons.

What is balayage? Balayage is a French word meaning to sweep. The lightener/color is painted on the surface of the hair in a sweeping motion. Unlike highlighting with foils (which saturates the entire section of hair). Balayage is diffused at the roots giving a soft and graceful grow out. Balayage is pronounced (balāˈyäZH). No worries, most people don’t pronounce it correctly!


It’s important to have a consultation with your hairdresser before you have a Balayage service.

Let your colorist know if you have any previous color on your hair. Tell the truth because this will effect the formulation and outcome. And if there is color build up (it can interfere with the lightening process) and has to be corrected prior to Balayage.

Bring Balayage photos you love. And just so you know, sometimes a Balayage application can take more than one visit. Be sure to ask about cost and maintenance.

Some things to consider…

Do you want all your hair lightened and then have accent Balayage pieces added? Has your hairdresser been certified or trained? Balayage looks easy to do but there is a learning curve. 

“Balayage is a tailored service that requires precise application and an understanding of the hair lightening process. The service shows the expertise of the hairdresser more than any other… and cannot be duplicated at home”, says, Nancy Braun, celebrity colorist and Balayage educator for L’oreal Professionnel.

What does a cool tone and warm tone look like to you? You both want to be in agreement.

Do you want an Ombré Balayage? This application starts three to five inches away from scalp.

Helpful tips to know…

• Arrive 10 minutes early. If your late to your appointment, your colorist will have less time to spend on your hair.

• Arrive with clean hair. No product build-up because it can interfere with the lightening process.

• While receiving a Balayage service do not reach for your IPhone, IPad, magazine, or drink while your hair is being painted without letting your colorist know. Remember Balayage is freehand painting and an abrupt move can cause a serious (and costly) mistake.  

• Your hair may be covered with perforated wrap (depending on the lightner/color being used). Be careful not to rub or put pressure on perforated wrap because it could cause the wrapped section to come off and can spread onto other sections and not process evenly.

Balayage is the rage! It accentuates eyes and cheekbones. And whatever your face shape, Balayage can be used to enhance your features.

The Balayage vibe is extraordinaire darling! Personalized placement, dimensional tones and beachy hair. I love balayage because hair is my canvas; I paint hair for fun. Ask your hairdresser for accent Balayage pieces and let your hair get kissed by the sun.

Embrace Life,
Susie Lauri
IG: susie_lauri_hair

Photo credits:
Hair: Balayage,   Cut and Style by Susie Lauri
Photos:  Susie Lauri


Susie L.

Author: Susie L.

Susie Lauri is the lead hair and makeup artist, and a contributing writer for Runwayz Magazine. She specializes in hair and makeup for commercial print and production. She is known for her glamour makeovers including balayage, color, haircuts and styling. When not on location, Susie works out of her studio in Aliso Viejo, California. Find more about her at :, @susie_lauri_hair on Instagram!