Annual Holiday Gift Guide 2016!

The moment everyone has been waiting for..

Our first annual kick-off Holiday Gift Guide is here!

See all the fun options to get everyone you know or even yourself a gift, below!

#1 Super Fabulous Candles  

Shop Love in The Wax Candles
Editor Review: “Titled “Eat, Drink, and Be Married” this one makes you feel alive! Perfect gifting candle for those newlyweds or for someone getting married to have to warm up their hearts and home. It is happiness in a candle! 4.5/5 rating! “
Shop Love In The Wax


Shop Love in The Wax Candles
Editor Review: “Titled “Hopeless Romantic” this one takes you on a pathway to dreamy wonderland. It is true love in a jar! 5/5 rating! “
Shop Love In The Wax


Shop Love in The Wax Candles
Editor Review: “Titled “Birthday Wishes” this candle smells like a birthday you will never forget! Make sure to whip this one out at someone’s special day or your own for a lasting sweetness you will never forget! “
Shop Love In The Wax


Shop Love in The Wax Candles
Editor Review: “Titled “Santa’s Snacks” this candle smells so good you kind of want to eat it! LOL! Its aroma reminds you of chocolate chip cookies at grandma’s house or a good ol’ family warming feel. Great candle a true 5/5!”
Shop Love In The Wax


#2 Super Cute Booties

What is life without a fabulous pair of booties to wear this winter or gift this holiday season?

We are sure to believe you will fall in love with at least one pair below from Sugar Brand Shoes! 

The Cowboy-Hipster In Your Life:
This lovely lady deserves the “Holly” boot as its super chic, fabulous, and just the right amount of cozy!
Shop Sugar Brand


Whistlin Dixie BA Chick:
You know the bad ass lady in your life needs a sweet pair of these Tondrum Kicks in her life! They are super feminine, chic, and styled!
Shop Sugar Brand


The Family Fun Bootie:
This bootie is perfectly for family fun and mingling around with your pals! Its cozy, goes with everything, and is just the right size heel for an everyday use.
Shop Sugar Brand


#3 Natural Beauty 

Because what better way to gift than to treat the skin you are in or a besties?

Check out our picks from Pacifica Beauty below!

Pacifica Beauty Cactus Water Wipes:
These wipes are beyond hydrating and the perfect pick me up after a good work out and sweat or just a good wipe to clean off a makeup mistake as the natural element to these make them super appealing to anyone!
$6.00 @ Pacifica Beauty


Pacifica Beauty Sea Foam Face Wash:
This cleanser truly holds true to its roots! It carries the power of the ocean with marine extracts. Coconut water and natural actives come together in the gentle sulfate-free foaming cleanser that removes daily toxins and make-up.
$10.00 @ Pacifica Beauty


Pacifica Beauty Dreamy Youth Day and Night Face Cream:
This cream is rich in natural juice for the skin as it carries a highly effective anti-aging exclusive superpower, Fleuracell Complex®, with ingredients shown to improve the overall appearance of skin.
$16.00 @ Pacifica Beauty


Thats our super fabulous mini gift guide for the holiday’s ladies!

Enjoy and Happy Holidays!


Runwayz Magazine Editorial Staff

Christina Koop

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