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Runwayz Magazine is an online women’s media destination providing curating unique and crafty content for the every day doll. Runwayz Magazine was founded in October 2012 by a young entrepreneur, Christina Koop, with a dream to create a media company different than any other on the market. At a young age of fifteen years old, Christina had a vision of success and created Runwayz Magazine, unique in taste and variety. Runwayz Magazine now reaches over 150k+ unique targeted readers monthly across the globe curating brand stories that bring dreams to life.

  • Hello, Runwayzmagazine
    I am very intrested in working for your company. I would love to be part of it because, I love fashion and for me to be part of it is even better. So if you can please give me more information about it and Thank You for thee oppurtunity

    • We emailed you ! Thank you so much for your interest in our company!
      – Runwayz

  • I’ve nominated you and your amazing blog for a Liebster award (for bloggers from bloggers)! Click on this link, http://changingyourclothes.wordpress.com/2013/10/01/liebster-award/, if you’d like to participate.

    Congratulations! I love your blog! (And p.s. I’d love to write for you!)

    • Thank you so very much ! We are honored!! How do we participate ??? What exactly do we do ? Please contact us at runwayzmagazine@runwayzmagazine.be with more info!! Thank you very much!! Spread the word about our magazine here at Runwayz!!!!

      • It’s my pleasure! Just click on the link in my comment about the award; this will take you to the related post on my blog. Under the award picture, you’ll find the rules.

        It’s pretty simple: create a post on your blog, make a list of 10 blogs you’d like to nominate for a Liebster award (with links to them), answer my list of 10 questions, create your own list of 10 questions for your own nominees, and notify each nominee (as I did by posting on your About page). Oh, and please include a link to my blog as the one who nominated you.

        Yes, it does take some time to do all this, but it’s fun, and a good way to increase our connections to new blogs. Thanks so much!! — Lindy

  • Thank you for following my blog LondonUnveiled.com – I hope you enjoy reading it – and great to be introduced to your blog. All the best, Ian

    • Thank you for all your kind words! We love all of our followers and love your blog as well! Please spread the word about our blog and tell everyone you know! XOXOX
      Runwayz Magazine

  • hi! i would like to be a part of your company! i am an aspiring makeup artist. thank you.

  • Will you post same articles to this blog? I`d like to read

  • Love how the magazine got started! Awesome website, I look forward to each future post! Xxx Bisses!
    Brooke sapp

    • Thank you So Much Brooke! Look forward to you enjoying each post! XOXO, Runwayz Team

  • Hi Christina love your site and blog, looking forward to collorboration and the” Shoot ” Lois with light and Love