A Very Southern Easter in Baldwin Hills!

I would have to say that today was an amazing experience of culture and food in this part of Los Angeles that most people have never heard about. It’s been almost two years since I made Baldwin Hills my home and I am meeting so many people here with their roots in the South. From Kinetic Studio where I teach Chair Yoga every Tuesday at 10 am in View Park, the owners, Kiola and LaNecia, trace their roots back to Louisiana as well. I had my first Mardi Gras experience this past March at the Studio; I still can’t believe that I found the charm in my piece of the King’s Cake. It’s gonna be a good year!

I love brewing kombucha. For me, it’s so fun to play with the different combinations of tea and also with all the flavor combinations in the second fermentation stage. One of my new favorites that I will be adding to my flavor library is this Strawberry Ginger. So fresh with the perfect hint of sweet. I love sharing my love with kombucha with others. For this event, I decided to bring a bottle of my winner, Berry Ginger. Everyone loved it!


Today was so fun! It was my first time eating fried ham and I didn’t even know that was a thing. This is why I love trying new things, it means new favorites! The sweet potato pie has also converted me into a pie lover but only for sweet potato. All the food was home made from different members of the family and it really felt like that Southern cooking you get at those lazy Sunday get-togethers. Then there was a game of dominos, and even an Easter egg hunt for the kids, with coins/dollars inside the eggs. That’s what I’m talking about!

Southern Hospitality | Straight up feasting at the neighbors for Easter!

The menu:

Fried ham (never would’ve thought to fry ham; it added moisture and decreased the saltiness of pork)
Fried turkey (bomb bomb bomb)
Gravy made with turkey neck (honestly I could’ve drank this sauce Baron!!)
Smoked salmon (perfectly done)
Cornbread stuffing (this is how stuffing should be done; never going back to dry stuffing)
Yams with candied pecans (have always loved this dish, loved the simplicity of it)
Macaroni & cheese (look at how much is on my plate, I ate all of it, it was worth all the calories)
Kale salad (nice healthy touch to the fat hehe)
Sauteed cabbage/peppers/onions (no more room on my plate!)
Mashed potatoes (ditto)

Desserts: (sorry it was gone before I could even think to take a photo)

Sweet potato pie (similar to pumpkin pie but infinitely better, and it was still warm from the oven)
Lemon cake (Loved the outer crispier part of the cake with the icing and the softer bread inside)


So grateful for a happy belly and neighbors who care.


Eat well, laugh much, love all,

Laurie Hang

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