5 Summer Must Have Shoes

Hello Darlings,

Summer time is all about embracing your confidence I feel. Most of your outfits are easy dresses, rompers, shorts and skirts. They require a statement shoe to make that outfit a little more put together.  I seriously think there is a shoe for every occasion. Summer time you can easily play around with all sorts of colors and prints. That’s the fun part of it all.  With that said, here are my 5 must have shoes to wear this summer!

  1. Color and Print: These heels can make one outfit go from basic to stylish! As a working woman, sometimes work attire can be a little boring or too plain. I enjoy adding in a heel with print or a pop of color and taking it to the next level! I love print and color when wearing plain jeans and a white or black top. If you wear a solid color dress or patterned dress, pick a color to make the whole outfit pop from head to toe.
  1. Wedges: These can be so casual yet so dressy when pairing them with the right outfit. They are adorable, versatile and they are now the IT shoes. So that means so many companies are coming out with new prints and colors. Wedges can be the best easy shoe choice to wear in the summer with all those rompers, dresses and jeans!
  1. Flat Sandals: Ok, maybe you don’t want the heel and you opt for flats. These are so easy and seriously so comfortable. Plain colors are nice, but why not spice them with prints, colors and even embellishments.
  1. Sneakers: They are worn everywhere now! No joke, they are becoming so fashionable this summer. I mean who doesn’t want a day of looking cute yet relaxed too?
  1. Flats: These are a must!!! I keep these as backups in my car all the time. We all have those moments  after a long day or night where you just NEED to take those heels off! Yet, that doesn’t mean they are boring or any less fashionable.

Now, which one will you be enjoying summer with more? Leave a comment below!


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Christina Koop

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