5 Successful Women in Beauty And How They Reached Success

As women, we have often wondered how success seems so easily reached in today’s society.

Women all around us are posting on social media their success and yet to those who want to launch their own company, they simply do not know where to start or how to get successful.

We took some pressure off you.

We sat down with five beauty girl bosses to learn their secrets to success and how they got started.

Annie Tevelin, Founder of Skin Owl:

Q: What was your first ever job in beauty? Or maybe it was not even relevant to beauty?

A: I was a film major, so I moved to LA to be a music video director. After two years in the entertainment industry, I began shadowing makeup artists on set. It was an incredible experience, so much so that it inspired me to work in the beauty industry. I worked behind the Lancôme counter to see if I was at all interested in the world of beauty and I most definitely was happy.

Q: What sparked you to involve yourself in beauty?

A: I think I’ve just always appreciated beauty – in nature, in travel, and in people. I love enhancing people’s beauty through skincare and makeup. I can’t explain it.  It was something I was drawn to at a very young age. I had a passion for it and decided to give it a try.

Q: What was the drive in you that led you to create your own skin care line, Skin Owl?

A:  I had cystic acne in my mid- twenties that stopped me dead in my tracks. I never had acne as a teenager so I had no idea what was happening to my skin. After trying what felt like hundreds of products and seeing countless dermatologists, I decided to seek out my own education. It was in a UCLA cosmetic chemistry certificate program that I learned all about ingredients and what TRULY works on the skin. That education was the beginning of SkinOwl. I had to share it with the world, if I had the chance. So I went for it.

Q: What are your top five skin care essentials that every woman must have in their home kit?

A: A really good face oil. I swear by SkinOwl’s Geranium Beauty Drops. It has literally changed my skin. A solid eye cream that moisturizes and energizes you after a long day. A radiance boosting face mask. Sometimes nothing beats a mask. It just cleans up my mind, my skin, and my week! Dry shampoo dry shampoo dry shampoo. Sometimes life doesn’t have time for a shower. And when life DOES have time for a shower, I say, get a really good body scrub. Preferably with coffee beans. There’s just something about it.

Q: As a girl boss, what advice can you offer to other women who are aspiring to become girl bosses just like you?

A: Build a business that rides on your passion, not money. There are several occasions when I’ve been beyond exhaustion and at a crossroads – even wondered if SkinOwl could survive – if I didn’t love what I do, I would have probably given up and given in. I wouldn’t have had the ingenuity to innovate and keep on keepin’ on. Time plus hard work equals success. So find something worth your time and the rest will take care of itself.

Galit Strugano, Founder of  girlactik:

Q: What career path were you on before becoming a women entrepreneur?

 A: Before becoming an entrepreneur I was working as a waitress and was planning to major in communications with the idea of having my own show talking about makeup. On the red carpet the fashion was always spoken about and not the makeup. I wanted to learn makeup so I could work behind the scenes, meet producers and tell them my idea of reporting on makeup looks.

Q: What drove you to create your own business, girlactik?

A: From the idea of wanting my own makeup show girlactik was born. One night I was watching an award show with my mom and Mariah Carey was wearing lavender glitter down the red carpet. I said to my mom – “I wish I could wear my eyes like that!” My mom said “why can’t you?”  I said “Because with in a matter of a few hours it moves and travels and doesn’t look like how it’s suppose to, someone should come out with a base for glitter.” “Why don’t you then, Galit? ” My mom said. “I wouldn’t even know what to do”, I said.  I started thinking about it while working as a waitress and began jotting ideas. Once my concept was in writing and thought out I looked through the yellow pages and began my journey, named girlactik.

Q: What are five makeup tips that you feel every woman should be aware of and have in their “beauty arsenal” of knowledge?

A: 1) Don’t copy makeup trends…do what makes you feel pretty.

2) Always have a good foundation so your skin will look pretty and not a mask.

3) Apply a liquid luminizer beneath a glow powder to make it last all day and pop if needed.

4) Have a few must haves that you could use quickly to give you that pop when you’re on the go. For ex. Eyeliner, blush and bronzer

Q: As a girl boss, what was your moment of the week where you felt that you were on top of your game?

A: I’ve had quite a few of those moments that your at the top of your game and then it can go back to climbing the ladder. Truly what keeps me going is all the girlactik fans talking about my brand constantly. There is still more I want to do and many more people needing to discover girlactik.

Maya Crothers, Founder of Cir Cell SkinCare:

Q: What was your first ever job where you felt you learned how to truly work hard and put your best foot forward?

A: Working for Westinghouse Electric in Houston, TX.  I was still in my 20s.  I had a great boss and Houston is a great town.  I was selling power plants to energy developers.  Weird job for a woman at the time, but the industry was extremely welcoming and supportive.  Funny to think about now…one of my customers was Enron.

Q: Why did you create Circ Cell ?

A: Why did I create Circ Cell?  I was not really driven by anything concrete.  I had moved to Jackson Hole with my husband and young family.  I retired several years before when I was pregnant with my second child and was not expecting to begin another career.  I met and became friendly with a skincare expert and also rekindled a friendship with a Dallas acquaintance that had been involved with a very successful skincare start-up.  The stars aligned and somehow we all ended up founding a company.  My plans were not to end up running the company, but entrepreneurial ventures are more difficult than anyone expects. Circ Cell has truly become my life’s passion and I can’t imagine doing anything else.

Q: What differentiates your beauty line from other beauty lines out there?

A: It seemed like all of the exciting skincare start-ups were built around natural and organic products.  While I fully support this trend in personal care, somehow, performance seemed to be forgotten in the process.  Moving to Jackson Hole really did a number on my skin.  Extremely dry climate, high altitude, strong sun and the Jackson lifestyle keeps us outside and active all day.  I needed skincare to keep my skin supple and dewy under these accelerated aging conditions. Circ Cell is a leader in the skincare game because we offer results driven skincare that is clean and always creates a dewy glow. This type of performance requires serious formulations collaborated on by multiple experts….they are not created in someone’s kitchen.  These attributes drive our product development process along with a strong desire for innovation.  We only create a product if we feel we can bring something to market that is really special.  We truly feel we have created a skincare line for the modern woman.  Our products are hardworking, elegant, innovative and they travel well.

Q: In a world of today’s modern age technologies, how do you feel you can keep your brand up to par with ever evolving changes in technology being it focused in “combining nature with technology” ?

A: Nature and technology are not mutually exclusive.  There is always a way to create something cutting edge without doing more harm than good.  It typically ends up being more expensive and the manufacturing process might be more complicated but it is possible if there is a commitment.  Our manufacturing process can be a killer.  Being innovative means that we deal with a lot of single supplier ingredients (in other words, not your average, everyday ingredients).  We constantly have manufacturing issues related to the availability of these ingredients, which can often mean backorders…just a price to pay for creating and manufacturing at the level this level.  But no one at Circ Cell feels any desire to sell out.  We’ll deal with the headaches so that we can continue to deliver something really special.

Q: As a girl boss, what advice can you offer to other women who are aspiring to become girl bosses just like you?

A: Follow your passion.  Be tough, keep getting back up.  It’s a great time to be a girl boss.  There are a lot of us out there and we will encourage and support you whenever you decide to join us!

Leila Aalam, Founder of Beuti Skincare

Q: What was your personal journey in regards to skin care?

A: I have always loved the beauty industry and have always strived to maintain healthy and flawless skin. Like many women I bought products that were advertised in the magazines and at very high price points and was left disappointed. I wanted to create a product that was clean, results driven and what was affordable for all women.

Q: What sparked you to involve yourself in a competitive industry, beauty?

A: I am a qualified Beauty Therapist and had so many clients with the same issues as me. They could never find the perfect skincare routine that solved their skin issues and actually provided the results they claimed to.

Q: What was the “spark” within you that led you to create your own natural skin care line?

A: I made the mistake of purchasing a very high end eye serum that (long story short) caused a serious eye and skin reaction and left me with irritated, red and itches eyes for days. It made me frustrated that after spending all of this money I was not only left with a skin complication, but out a lot of money. I was determined to create a brand build that was affordable, results driven, clean and honest!

Q: What recommendations would you make now that we are in spring, to take care of our skin this season?

A: Keep it light so using a hyaluronic acid based serum would be a good start and always use a separate cleanser to take of mascara as it is gentler on the skin around the eyes.. Nighttime skincare is a must as that is when our skin is repairing itself and is a wonderful time to include facial oil for that deeper penetration into the skin.

Q: As a girl boss, what advice can you offer to other women who are aspiring to become girl bosses just like you?

A: If you have passion and drive I say go for it! It’s very rewarding to wake up each day and make you own decisions and goals, but be ready for the long hours!

Carolann Shapiro, Founder of Can Can Parleur:

Q: What can you contribute your entrepreneurial habits to? In other words, what in your life built the fire in you to develop your own non-toxic nail parleur?

A: For me my business is my passion and what I truly love and enjoy is making others feel good on the inside and outside. My purpose for opening Can Can Parleur was to create not only a non-toxic nail spa, but also to provide a space where women and men can relax and unwind.

Q: What differentiates Can Can Parleur from other nail spas out there?

A: Our personalized approach and customer service sets us apart.  We really strive to make each customer feel special and cared for.  Many people don’t realize that Can Can Parleur not only offers non-toxic nail treatments & nail polish, but our entire space is eco-friendly. From the wallpaper to the furniture everything is chemical free. Our focus is on the well being of others and we offer a safe place for women who are going through cancer treatments, pregnant or enduring infertility issues.

Q: What is one beauty product or treatment (it can be your own!) that you feel you honestly cannot live without and why?

A: Well it goes without saying my nails are a must! I think every woman can agree that when your nails look good you feel good!

Q: As a women of passion and entrepreneurial desires, what tips and advice can you offer to other women out there that may be afraid to launch their own business or are unsure of their path and where it will take them?

A: If you have a passion for something you have to take a risk. There is no such thing as failing. You just learn from your mistakes and get right back up again and try.

Now go make your dreams come true.


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